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Bringing you Fusion Online - Science at a click

We are very excited to announce that our brand new website Fusion Online is now live and registrations open for the first of our virtual conferences.

Responding to the needs of our delegates, and the momentum of the scientific community to keep communicating and collaborating during these crazy times, we are really proud of our new virtual platform. It has been designed and built by us, tailored specifically to meet the needs of academic conferences.

Events hosted on our new platform incorporate Keynote sessions, speaker presentations and short talks alongside ‘virtual’ icebreakers, meet the speaker opportunities and highly interactive and immersive online poster sessions.  We definitely think you will love some of the features we have created.

We are excited about the possibilities and opportunities virtual meetings offer and we hope to appeal to a wide community. Advantages include; reduced carbon footprints, no visas, no travel restrictions or travel related costs and more affordable registration fees. Most importantly, our smaller research communities now have a platform to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Our inaugural virtual event will be the Epithelial Stem Cell - Niche Interactions in Lung Development, Homeostasis, Regeneration and Disease Virtual Conference which takes place from the 01 – 03 September 2021. This is succeeded by

Don’t worry, we will still be offering our amazing live events, but we hope by offering both physical and virtual meeting styles we have catered for everyone, making the Fusion community as inclusive as possible. We believe this will strengthen relationships and collaborations for our delegates who attend either style of meeting.

Whichever style of conference you opt for, rest assured we will provide you with an unforgettable meeting experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our meetings soon. To find out more about Fusion Online and how our virtual conferences will run visit