ALERT: Please be vigilant on email and phone, we have been made aware that our speakers are being approached by a scam company (Traveller Point, E Hotel Services or similar) regarding accommodation for a Fusion conference. In the event you are contacted by these companies, please hang up immediately or delete the email. Please note, accommodation is included within your registration fee. You can check and amend your accommodation details via your Fusion account or email

About Us


Fusion Conferences strives to become internationally renowned for providing meetings of outstanding scientific quality, bringing together smaller interest groups to create informal and workshop style interactions, bridging a gap in the scientific conference community.

About Us

Fusion Conferences is a scientific conference organiser. We specialise in meetings within the academic and corporate industry for those working at the forefront of physical, medical, life sciences and their related technologies.

Why does a Fusion conference stand out from other scientific meetings? Our meetings attract an exclusive audience of 60-80 participants who have a narrow concentration within a specialised field. We create a platform for informal, workshop style forums delivering a more intense scientific experience unlike other larger style conferences.

Our conferences bring together a 'Fusion' of distinguished leaders, young investigators, scientific ideas, unpublished research, new collaborations and global representation.

Our conference venues are of a very high standard, located in culturally rich areas allowing delegates to explore and socialise outside of the conference, adding to the unforgettable experience of a Fusion conference.


Fusion Conferences was founded in March 2012 by the current Directors. One of our distinguishable attributes is that we are a family-run organisation offering a very friendly and personal service to each and every delegate. Our office is located in the UK just outside of Cambridge, home to our Conference Managers, Conference Coordinator, Marketing Manager and the Fusion Directors.

The first Fusion conference took place in Arizona, USA in October 2013 titled ‘Drug Discovery Re-Invented’. Since then, Fusion have organised 74 scientific conferences to date spanning a variety of disciplines including Chemistry, Biology, Environmental and Medical sciences. 

Although we are a UK based organisation we strive on building a global outreach within the scientific community. We have organised conferences in North America, South America, Africa and Europe and we hope to announce our first Asian conference venue soon. 

Meet the Team

At Fusion our entire team is dedicated in providing a seamless and effortless service. Although the team is quite small, we are renowned for excellent organisation, meticulous attention to detail and enthusiastic leadership. We are forever grateful to our diligent team members.

Laura Trundle

from Mar 2012 - Present

Jack Peters

from Mar 2014 - Present

Emily Meen

Senior Conference Manager
from Oct 2016 - Present

Chloe Trundle

Conference Manager
from Apr 2019 - Present

Amy Johnson

Conference Manager
from Apr 2019 - Present

Alfie Trundle

Office Dog
from Jun 2016 - Present

Rosie Johnson

Conference Manager
from Apr 2023 - Present