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Wine and Wisdom in Portugal

We are back from a fantatsic fortnight in Portugal, having hosted both the 4th Functional Oxide Thin Films for Advanced Energy and Information Technology Conference and the Niche-epithelial Stem Cell Interactions in Lung Health and Disease Conference.

Both conferences were a great success and we very much enjoyed running our first events at our new venue the Dolce CampoReal Lisboa. 

"The atmosphere of the conference favors discussion, networking and helps science to move forward. Great organisation and [...] Fusion team are super nice and helpful. Wonderful experience " Ana Pardo-Saganta, Portugal 2019

The venue offered an ideal balance of first class conference facilities and peaceful tranquility, allowing for some clear thinking and plenty of great discussion. We look forward to returning next summer. 

Alongside the superb science, delegates were given the opportunity to visit The AdegaMãe vineyard. Providing an opportunity to network away from the conference and in an informal setting we got to view the heart of the winery, experience the grandeur of the storage and fermentation tanks, took a peek into the laboratory and rounded off with a visit to the Time Room (“Sala do tempo”). We of course couldn't leave without sampling some of Lisbon's finest wines - well 16 to be exact! It was a throuroughly enjoyable break in the day, before heading back to the hotel for the PM session and a great Gala dinner.