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Past Conferences

Welcome to Fusion

We specialise in the organisation of scientific research conferences. We serve as an international advocate for the development of physical, medical and life sciences. We provide the perfect environment for discussion, creation of new ideas and progression of ground breaking innovations. Bringing together multi-disciplinary scientists and crossing geographical boundaries, we aim to become the driving force in the next generation of scientific research conferences.

We are dedicated in providing the highest quality of meetings, with a small but focused group of specialists in the field. Our ability to clearly focus the theme of the meeting allows us to create a cost effective and rewarding conference for all attendees, making the Fusion Conferences experience truly unique.

Our forthcoming meetings will be held in locations that encourage networking and social interaction between participants in the most unique locations such as Cancun Mexico, Budapest Hungary, Bloomingdale Chicago and Casablanca Morocco. Our registration fees include accommodation for the 3 conference nights, refreshments, group meals and selected beverages.

If you are interested in attending one of our meetings, please see our forthcoming conference list.

If you are interested in supporting one of our meetings via sponsorship, please review our sponsorship brochure and available packages.