Urgent Notice to All Conference Participants

It has been brought to our attention that EHS Housing has recently been cold calling our speakers offering accommodation for a named Fusion conference. Please note that we have no association with EHS Housing and they are acting on our behalf without our permission. We strongly advise that any calls from EHS Housing are ignored or ended immediately. If you are contacted by EHS Housing, please notify us immediately.

All Fusion registration fees are inclusive of accommodation (for three fixed nights) and reservations are handled internally, entirely by Fusion Conferences. If you have any questions concerning your accommodation, please contact Fusion Conferences directly via admin@fusion-conferences.com.

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Delegate Feedback

  • Thanks to you and your team for putting on such a great conference. The organization and execution of the conference was top of the line. Prof. Eric Bennett Associate Professor, University of California San Diego The Ubiquitin System: Function, Physiology and its Role in Disease Conference
  • Probably the best conference I assisted in the last ten years. Congrats! Prof. Jean-Francois Morin Professor, Universite Laval 2nd From Carbon-Rich Molecules to Carbon-Based Materials Conference
  • Fusion Team was fantastic! Extremely helpful for me and my family. Unbelievably helpful. Thank you! Prof. Dr. Rik Tykwinski Professor, University of Alberta 2nd From Carbon-Rich Molecules to Carbon-Based Materials Conference
  • Amazing conference, hands down the best one I've been to! Perhaps it was due to the high caliber of speakers, and perhaps it was due to the few people present that made people more likely to share their unpublished work. Either way the science was great and so is Cancun! Dr. John Mich, Scientist, Allen Institute for Brain Science Neurogenesis Conference
  • Excellent venue and location with top-notch science. The size was great as well allowing for lots of interaction. Great meeting! Do it again please! Prof. Karlene Cimprich, Professor, Stanford University 2nd Exploring DNA Repair Pathways as Targets for Cancer Therapy Conference
  • I truly thought it was a great meeting; the perfect mix of cutting edge science, a very impactful attendee list and a spectacular location. Dr. Moray Campbell, Associate Professor, The Ohio State University Nuclear Receptors Conference
  • I wanted to thank you for the exceptional job that you and your team did during the Fusion meeting. It was one of the best meetings I have attended in recent memory. Dr. Ben Van Houten, Professor, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute 3rd DNA Replication/Repair Structures and Cancer Conference