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Interventions in Aging

Understanding mechanisms and the promise of extending human healthspan

02 Feb 2015 - 05 Feb 2015

Cancun, Mexico


The first in the series of the Intervention in Aging Fusion conferences.

A plethora of genetic, dietary and pharmacological interventions can extend healthy lifespan in laboratory animals, and can delay or ameliorate diverse aging-related diseases. Many of the signalling pathways involved are evolutionarily conserved, and are starting to be implicated in human aging. This raises the intriguing possibility of performing preventative medicine against the chronic diseases of our time by targeting the main risk factor for all of them, namely aging. Two important current challenges in the field are (1) to understand the downstream pathways by which longevity interventions combat age-related loss of function and pathology, and (2) to translate the findings into the extension of human healthspan.

Target Audience

This interdisciplinary meeting will address the above two challenges in depth, with participation from basic scientists, physicians and pharmacology experts.  

Key Sessions

  1. Pharmacological manipulation
  2. Nutrition
  3. Proteostasis
  4. Muscle and health during aging
  5. Sensory and systemic effects on aging
  6. Signalling pathways and aging

2015 Interventions in Aging Poster Prize

The conference chairs will be awarding 3 poster prizes for the best poster display and presentation. To be in with a chance of winning, submit your poster by 21 November 2014. The winners will be selected shortly after the Poster Session and each winner will receive a $250 cheque!

Confirmed Plenary Speakers

Professor Andrew Dillin
University of California, Berkeley
Dr. Claudio Hetz
Universidad de Chile
Dr. Valter Longo
University of Southern California
Professor Blake Rasmussen
University of Texas Medical Branch
Professor David Sinclair
Harvard Medical School

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Dr. Rozalyn Anderson
University of Wisconsin
Dr. Anne Brunet
Stanford School of Medicine
Dr. Cheryl Conover
Mayo Clinic
Dr. Luigi Fontana
Washington University, St. Louis
Professor Malene Hansen
Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute
Professor Heinrich Jasper
Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Dr. James L. Kirkland
Mayo Clinic
Dr. William Mair
Harvard University
Dr. Joan Mannick 
Dr. Coleen Murphy
Princeton University
Dr. Nicolas Musi
The University of Texas Health Science Center
Dr. Michael Petrascheck 

The Scripps Research Institute
Dr. Scott Pletcher
University of Michigan
Dr. Michael Polymenis
Texas A&M University
Professor Stephen Simpson 
The University of Sydney
Prof. Dr. Eline Slagboom 
Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum
Dr. Randy Strong
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Dr. Yousin Suh
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Professor Jessica Tyler
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Dr. Meng Wang 
Baylor College of Medicine






Plenary Speakers

Invited Speakers


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