Conference Report: 2nd Fibroblast Growth Factors Conference

The 3rd Fibroblast Growth Factor Conference took place from the 15 – 18 Feb 2019, in Nassau, Bahamas. The conference covered various aspects of FGF biology. It started with a presentation of one of the pioneers in FGF research, Prof. Bradshaw, who reported on the history of FGFs. Topics that were covered at the meeting included biochemistry and structural biology of FGFs and FGF receptors, FGFs in embryonic development, endocrine acting FGFs and their roles in metabolic and other disorders and in alcohol consumption and bone stability, FGFs in normal and impaired wound repair and in liver regeneration, FGFs in developmental diseases (in particular bone disorders), use of recombinant FGFs for the treatment of impaired tissue repair and use of FGF receptor inhibitors for the treatment of genetic skeletal diseases and of cancer.


Among the speakers were various world leaders in FGF biology, but also several speakers  who had only recently started to work on FGFs. In particular, several PhD students, postdocs and young faculty were selected for oral presentations and/or presented a poster. We were able to provide three poster prizes for young investigators and we supported the travel of several young researchers, who would otherwise not have been able to attend the conference. The funding of the Company of Biologists was used for this important purpose. The feedback of these young investigators was excellent and they are all strongly motivated to continue working in this field. The meeting also allowed for networking during the breaks, and various new collaborations were initiated. Taken together, the conference was a great success and a follow-up meeting is planned for 2021.


Poster award winners Pino Bordignon, Sougata Roy & Stephanie Padula join chair Sabine Werner