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Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Novel Strategies and Emerging Therapies

14 Feb 14 - 17 Feb 14

Cancun, Mexico


CME Accreditation 
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

This activity has been approved for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™.

This meeting has also been endorsed by the American Society for Preventive Cardiology, the World Heart Federation, the International Academy of Cardiology and the California Chapter of the American College of Cardiology.

Learning Objectives:

1) Understand the latest guidelines for CVD risk assessment, modalities for screening for CVD, and their role in prevention
2) Evaluate the role of comprehensive lifestyle management approaches including diet, physical activity, and stress management in the prevention of CVD
3) Evaluate the relative importance of different lipid parameters and the role of emerging therapies for dyslipidemia for management of lipid disorders, including familial hypercholesterolemia
4) Evaluate the relation of diabetes with CVD and the role of CVD risk factor modification for prevention of CVD in diabetes. 
5) We also will be discussing the long-awaited revised ACC/AHA prevention guidelines within our sessions on CVD risk assessment, dyslipidemia, and lifestyle/obesity and invite your participation in these discussions.

Key Sessions:

  1. CVD Risk Assesment & Imaging
  2. Lifestyle Management
  3. Metabolicy Syndrome, Diabetes, Other Comorbidities 
  4. Dyslipidemia & Hypertension
  5. ACC/AHA Prevention Guidelines Update
  6. Implementing Preventive and Rehabilitative Programes
  7. Special Populations
  8. Potpouri

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Dr. Ezra Amsterdam, UC Davis Health System
Dr. Seth Baum, Boca Raton Regional Hospital
Dr. Shaista Malik, University of California, Irvine
Ms. Geeta Sikand, University of California, Irvine
Professor Stanley Bassin, University of California, Irvine
Dr. Francisco Lopez Jimenez, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota
Dr. Tom Allison, Mayo Clinic, Minnesota
Dr. Manlio Marquez, Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia

Confirmed Lecture Topics will include;

Components of Evidence Based Diets for Prevention of Heart Disease.
Evidence for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease: Do Vegetarian Diets Work?
Heart Disease in Women: A Fresh Perspective.
Update on the Management of Hypertension: New Understanding, New Therapy.
Wading through the Sea of Fish Oil Choices; How do we Sort Science from Marketing.
Dissecting Women’s Lipids and Lipoproteins: Clues to their Hidden Residual Risk.
Which stress to order and how to interpret.
Sports cardiology interesting cases.
Women's heart disease: are the differences greater than the similarities.
Role of imaging in preventing heart disease.
Multidisciplinary Framework for a Preventive Cardiology Program (with Drs. Malik and Sikand).
Strategies that work to Reduce Obesity and increase Physical Activity among Young People.
Lipid Management Beyond LDL-C: Is there a Role of HDL-C and Newer Therapies.
Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes, and CVD.
Statin Intolerance : Does it Exist? How to Manage?
Contemporary Lipid Markers of CV Risk.
Normal weight obesity: A risk factor or an oxymoron?
Sudden cardiac death in the general population: How can it be prevented.
Sudden cardiac death in athletes: possible strategies for prevention.
Cardiac rehabilitation for secondary prevention in CAD.



15:00 - 20:00 FRIDAY, 14 FEBRUARY
15:00 - 17:15 Registration & Refreshments
17:30 - 17:50 Opening Comments
17:50 - 18:10 Ezra Amsterdam
UC Davis Medical Center
A Fresh New Perspective on Women & Heart Disease
18:10 - 18:30 Stephen Kopecky
Mayo Clinic
The Four Pillars of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
18:30 - 18:50 Nathan Wong
UC Irvine
Global Cardiometabolic Epidemic
18:50 - 19:10 Manlio Marquez
Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia
Sudden cardiac death in the general population: How can it be prevented?
19:10 - 19:30 Panel Discussion
19:30 - 20:00 Refreshments/Reception
20:00 - 00:00 Dinner at Leisure & Free Time
07:50 - 20:15 SATURDAY, 15 FEBRUARY
08:00 - 08:20 Shaista Malik
University of California, Irvine
Role of Imaging in Preventing Heart Disease
08:20 - 08:40 Tom Allison
Mayo Clinic
Which Stress to Order and How to Interpret
08:40 - 08:55 Mayil Krishnam
UC Irvine
Low Dose Cardiac CT and its Implication on CVD Risk Assessment
08:55 - 09:10 Americo Simonimi Mechanism of Vulnerable Plaque: Lessons from Biomarkers and Imaging
09:10 - 09:25 Hwa Mu Lee
UC Irvine
Role of CVD Risk Assessment In COPD
09:25 - 09:40 Nathan Wong
UC Irvine
Systemic Atherosclerosis and CVD Risk
09:40 - 09:55 Doug Harrington
USC Keck School of Medicine; Guardaheart Foundation
Preventing Myocardial Infarction: How Protein Biomarkers Compliment Lipid Profiles and The New Guidelines in Identifying Vulnerable Patients-Placing the Patient before Politics
09:55 - 10:10 Anthony Voorhies
Itamar Medical, Inc
Endothelial Function Assessment; methods and incremental value when added to current risk models.
10:10 - 10:30 Panel Discussion
10:30 - 11:00 Refreshments
11:00 - 11:20 Geeta Sikand
UC Irvine
Components of Evidence Based Diets for Prevention of Heart Disease
11:20 - 11:40 Stanley Bassin
UC Irvine
Strategies that work to Reduce Obesity and Increase Physical Activity among Young People
11:40 - 12:00 Geeta Sikand
UC Irvine
Bad fats, Good fats and Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Facts and Fiction
12:00 - 12:15 Darin MacDonald
TotalTrainer Inc
A High-Tech, High-Touch Approach To Lifestyle Intervention Focused On Bioindividuality For Obesity Management And CVD Prevention
12:15 - 12:30 Susan Black
Impact of Stress in the Corporate Working Individual Measured by Protein Biomarkers
12:30 - 12:50 Francisco Lopez-Jimenez
Mayo Clinic
Normal Weight Obesity: A Risk Factor or An Ozymoron?
12:50 - 13:15 Panel Discussion
13:15 - 17:00 Lunch & Free Time
17:00 - 17:20 Nathan Wong
UC Irvine
Managing CVD Risk in Diabetes
17:20 - 17:40 Francisco Lopez-Jimenez
Mayo Clinic
Cardiac Rehabilitation For Secondary Prevention In CAD
17:40 - 18:00 Shaista Malik
UC Irvine
Women’s heart disease: are the differences greater than the similarities?
18:00 - 18:15 Hwa Mu Lee
UC Irvine
Prevention of CVD in Subjects with COPD
18:15 - 18:45 Stanley Bassin
UC Irvine
Geeta Sikand
UC Irvine
Shaista Malik
UC Irvine
Multidisciplinary Framework for Preventive Cardiology Program
18:45 - 19:15 Panel Discussion
19:15 - 20:15 Poster Session & Cocktails
20:15 - 00:00 Dinner at Leisure & Free Time
07:50 - 23:00 SUNDAY, 16 FEBRUARY
08:00 - 08:20 Stephen Kopecky
Mayo Clinic
Statin Intolerance : Diagnosis and Management in the era of new Lipid Guidelines
08:20 - 08:40 Nathan Wong
UC Irvine
Dyslipidemia beyond LDL-C: Is there a Role for HDL-C
08:40 - 09:00 Stephen Kopecky
Mayo Clinic
Statin Intolerance: Does it Exist and How to Manage
09:00 - 09:20 Ezra Amsterdam
UC Davis Medical Center
Key Concepts and Novel Strategies for Hypertension Management
09:20 - 09:40 Stephen Kopecky
Mayo Clinic
The New Hypertension Guidelines- What are the Implications for Patient Care?
09:40 - 09:55 Latha Palaniappan Racial Ethnic Differences in Dyslipidemia
09:55 - 10:30 Panel Discussion
10:30 - 11:00 Refreshments
11:00 - 11:20 Nathan Wong
UC Irvine
CVD Risk Assessment
11:20 - 11:40 Geeta Sikand
UC Irvine
Lifestyle Management
11:40 - 12:00 Francisco Lopez-Jimenez
Mayo Clinic
Obesity Management
12:00 - 12:20 Stephen Kopecky
Mayo Clinic
Cholesterol Management
12:20 - 13:00 Panel Discussion
13:00 - 17:00 Lunch at Leisure & Free Time
17:00 - 17:20 Seth Baum
Boca Raton Regional Hospital
New Concepts in FH
17:20 - 17:40 Seth Baum
Boca Raton Regional Hospital
Dissecting Women's Lipoproteins
17:40 - 18:00 Manlio Marquez
Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia
Sudden cardiac death in athletes: possible strategies for prevention
18:00 - 18:20 Tom Allison
Mayo Clinic
Sports Cardiology Interesting Cases
18:20 - 18:35 Baqar Husaini
Center For Prevention Research, Tennessee State University
Heart Failure And Risk Factors: Examining the Effect of Race/Ethnicity Variation
18:35 - 18:50 Latha Palaniappan AHA Advisory on CVD Prevention in Asian Pacific Islanders
18:50 - 19:15 Panel Discussion
19:15 - 19:45 Refreshments
21:00 - 00:00 *Gala Night, Group Photo & Poster Awards*
08:30 - 12:30 MONDAY, 17 FEBRUARY
08:30 - 12:15 Oral Contributions To Be Announced
12:15 - 12:30 Closing Remarks (Chairs)
12:30 - 00:00 Departures


Invited Speakers

  • Dr. Manlio Márquez
    Attached Doctor to the Service of Electrocardiology, Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia
  • Ms Geeta Sikand
    Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine Cardiology, University of California Irvine College of Medicine
  • Dr. Stan Bassin
    Clinical Professor of Medicine, University Of California,Irvine Medical Center, Division of Cardiology
  • Dr. Seth Baum
    Medical Director, Women's CVD Prevention, Boca Raton Regional Hospital
  • Dr Shaista Malik
    Assistant Professor, UC Irvine
  • Dr. Ezra Amsterdam
    Associate Chief (Academic Affairs) of Cardiovascular Medicine, UC Davis Medical Center
  • Dr. Thomas G. Allison
    Consultant, Cardiovascular Diseases and Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic
  • Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez
    Consultant, Mayo Clinic


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